Replica Wakmann Regate Watch (Lemania Cal.1341)

For the second consecutive month, there is a new brand on the blog, this time is Wakmann.

After setting up a successful watch company in Portugal, Icko Wakmann traveled to New York in 1943 to establish a business in the US market. He founded Wakmann Watch in 1946 and was listed on the American Stock Exchange in 1947.

At the end of the Second World War, in order to protect American watchmakers, the government imposed an important task on any Swiss watch sold in the United States. The only way to avoid these duties is to assemble and / or complete the replica watch in the United States. Thus, in October 1947, a joint venture was established between Breitling SA and Wakmann Watch Company in Switzerland (known as the American Breitling Company), which allowed Breitling to send watches to Wakmann, New York for “final finishing” and in the United States Distributed under the name of Wakmann – so you will see many Wakmann watches sold, the seller claims it is a “camouflage Breitling” even if it does not have any links to Breitling.

The same legislation does not apply to other aerospace instruments, so the relationship between the company is more obvious, both company names are significantly displayed on the cockpit clock and other timers on the dial.

Wakmann did not complete the replica watch production facilities, but over the years to many European manufacturers signed their watches. As a result, their watches are often similar to those of other manufacturers’ watches, but they all come from respected manufacturers such as ETA, Valjoux, Lemania, Venus and Landon’s good quality Swiss caliber.

The Regate (or Regatta) model in this post is one of the more popular Wakmann models, one of the interesting features of the replica watch is the multifunctional inner ring, and I believe it is unique to the replica watch, although I am happy to correct it.

On the outer edge there are two scales used in conjunction with the timer, a Tachymetre scale, commonly used in chronographs (for calculating the speed in km / h or miles per hour, at a distance of 1 km / 1 mile) The Regate scale used in sexual navigation. Since the minute register is mounted on a separate hand, rather than in this caliber sub-table, it makes it ideal for use as a navigation timer, where the first fifteen minutes can be easily measured according to the external Regate scale (see this article Explain how to use the maritime timer).

The internal track of the baffle is printed with five colored parts of the week and is used as a monthly plan. The day of the month is printed on the outer edge of the dial, and the idea is to use the left hand side of the replica watch to rotate the inner frame until the correct date of the week is dialed with the “1” on the left side of the table. It is easy to see what a particular date will be in the next month will be, that is. In the picture below, the 8th will be on a Sunday this month, wait – I want to be on this day and you might ask ‘Siri’ but back to the last century 70s when this replica watch would save you breaking Out of calendar. 😉

Although it is already an eye catcher already with a colored inner ring, the replica watch also has a white dial in a stainless steel case, as well as a gold dial / hand in the case of gold plating, those that require a little extra flash.

the replica watch in this replica watch is mainly because the condensation is formed inside the crystal wear. As you may see in the previous post, when the unexplained rust is quickly formed and the steel pivot on the train wheel is thicker than the human hair, it can do a lot of damage in a short time (here is an example ).

Open the box Obviously, the liner inside the lid is wrong because it has not changed for years and now more like plastic than rubber. You can see in the picture below, the rust has begun to form on the inside of the bottom cover.

While there are some pitting obvious cases, movement, a Lemania cal. 1341, quite dirty, but did not show signs of immediate corrosion, although the timer will not reset to zero, the hand has lost some of their paint due to moisture deposition in them.

Lemania cal 1341 is my caliber above the blog, so do not repeat it to describe how it works, I will redirect any interested groups to this article about the Tissot Navigator I wrote a few years ago.

The owner of this table has sent it in time because the rust begins to form in some movement parts, but it is just rusty at this stage and is easy to remove. The chronograph reset problem is due to the lack of recent maintenance.

Once the sports service, the case was ultrasonically cleaned and the crystal was polished, the paint was repaired, the new washer was assembled, and the replica watch was reassembled.

Finally, if you think this replica watch is cool, you are in the good company because Clint Eastwood wears the same watch in the 1995 film Madison County Bridge.

Replica Jaquet-Droz Chronograph watch (Landeron Cal. 149)

Replica Jaquet-Droz Chronograph watch (Landeron Cal. 149)

Another rather tired looking vintage chronograph on the blog, this time from Jaquet-Droz.

Regular readers may have a sense of déjà-vu here as the case on this replica watch is one that was supplied to a number of manufacturers over the years and I’ve written about two such examples before on the blog, a Rotary and a Le Cheminant Master Mariner. Here are a few more examples of watches which share the same case; values vary and some are easier to find than others.

This is however the first time I’ve seen such a chronograph from Jaquet-Droz. The history of Jaquet-Droz is very interesting but rather than repeat myself, I’ll direct any interested parties to this blog post about another J-D chronograph in which I covered their background.

the replica watch in this post is still in the possession of the original owner who had it bought for him as a 21st birthday gift in 1968. At that time the brand was enjoying the early years of its first rise from the ashes before the quartz revolution came along and wiped them out, along with many others. luxury replica watches uk from this period are easy to recognise as they all have the ‘arrow’ logo on the dial.

Inside the replica watch is a Landeron cal. 149, a cam-lever chronograph and one of the few Landeron calibres with a traditional operation ie. the top pusher starts and stops the chronograph and the lower pusher performs the reset. The more commonly used 48, 51, 148 and 248 calibres were designed such that the top pusher starts that chronograph and the lower pusher is used for both the stop and reset functions.

Although the movement was in decent condition, you may have noticed in the first picture that the hand for the chronograph minute register had fallen off and was rattling around at the bottom of the dial.

Once the movement had been disassembled the cause was immediately obvious, the lower pivot for the chronograph minute runner had been broken off. Though the hand may have stayed in place initially, with no clearance above the dial it wouldn’t have taken long to work its way off the shaft in daily wear.

Being the 45 minute rather than the 30 minute version of the chronograph I expected to have some difficulty in finding a new part, but that wasn’t the case (which made a pleasant change .. and even more pleasant, the owner found it for me!), so a replacement was ordered from overseas while I serviced the rest of the movement.

From a cosmetic perspective, despite having had many years of use, the case was still in decent condition but the bezel had lost some most of its markings and the crystal was cracked. The bezel pip was missing too and so was the filling in the minute sub-dial hand, both of which would need to be re-lumed to match the rest of the (original) lume.

Once the replacement minute runner arrived, the movement could finally be rebuilt and regulated/tested. In the meantime, the bezel pip and hand had been re-lumed, the case cleaned and given a light buff to restore the shine, a new crystal fitted and the bezel markings re-painted.

I’ve restored quite a few of these watches now and I’m always impressed with how well they clean up, this one being no exception. With a case diameter of 38mm (40mm including the crown) they may be considered quite small by today’s standards, but with prices still being relatively modest on most models, they are a good entry into the world of vintage chronographs.

** Many thanks to John Dawes for letting me feature his replica watch on the blog. **

Replica Omega dish flying series 431. watch

Replica Omega dish flying series 431. watch

The basic information of the watch is correct
Number: 431.
Brand: Replica Omega
Series: dish flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price offered: exact price
Price: ¥ 461002016-07
Euro: € 46002012-07
Dollar: No
HK $ 487002014-10
Note: The above is the official media published price (reference only), please consult the local Replica Omega watches store in UK >> luxury replica watches online
Movement correction
Manufacturer: Omega
Movement Model: Cal.8500
Movement diameter: 29 mm
Movement thickness: 5.5 mm
Vibrations: 25200 Hours of oscillation
Number of stones: 39
Number of parts: 202
Power reserve: 60 hours
Appearance error correction
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case Thickness: No
Case Material: Stainless steel
Dial color: silver white
Shape of the dial: round
Dial Material: No
Watch mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Crown material: no time
Strap Color: Black
Strap material: crocodile skin
Clasp type: No
Clasp material: stainless steel
Reversal: No
Weight: No
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Replica Watch features:
Date display
Perfect, correct this watch information users: free feeling

Replica Omega dish flying series 424. watch

Replica Omega dish flying series 424. watch

The basic information of the watch is correct
Number: 424.
Brand: Replica Omega
Series: dish flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price offered: exact price
Price: ¥ 266002016-10
Euro: € 27002012-07
Dollar: No
HK $ 281002014-10
Note: The above is the official media published price (reference only), please consult the local Replica Omega watches store in UK >>
Movement correction
Movement Model: Omega 2500D
Power reserve: 48 hours
Appearance error correction
Watch diameter: 39.5 mm
Case thickness: 10 mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Dial color: white
Shape of the dial: round
Dial Material: No
Watch mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Crown material: steel
Strap Color: Black
Strap Material: Leather
Clasp type: pin buckle
Clasp material: stainless steel
Back through: close
Weight: No
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Replica Watch features:
Date display

Replica Rolex Submariner Series 116613LB-97203 blue disc watch

Replica Rolex Submariner Series 116613LB-97203 blue disc watch

Replica Watch basic information:
Number: 116613LB-97203 blue plate
Brand: Replica Rolex
Series: Submariner type
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Alias: between the golden blue
Price to provide accurate price, error correction
Price: ¥ 1050002014-11
Euro: € 122502016-04
Dollar: No
HK $ 947002011-07
Note: The above is the official media price (only reference), please consult the local Rolex watch store, details >>
Movement correction
Manufacturer: No
Movement Model: No
Movement Thickness: No
Appearance error correction
Table diameter: 40 mm
Case Thickness: No
Case Material: 18K gold – stainless steel
Dial color: dark blue
Shape of the dial: round
Dial Material: No
Table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Crown Material: No
Strap color: between gold
Strap Material: 18K Gold – Stainless Steel
Clasp type: folding buckle
Clasp Material: 18K Gold – Stainless Steel
Back through: No
Weight: No
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
Watch functions:
Date display

My favorite Omega – Replica Omega De Ville Hour Vision Watch

Brand Omega
Range De Ville Hour Vision
Model De Ville Hour Vision
Gender Mens
Movement Automatic Co-Axial
Case_size 41 MM
Case_material Rose gold Steel
Bracelet_material Brown
Dial_type Brown Baton
Water_resistance Water Resistant

My favorite item is my Omega watch, which is why? Please read on!

I have a Disney Omega watch, it is blue. In a round glass, the left side of a Mickey Mouse with his hands propped waist, the other side says “Mickey” a few letters, which means Mickey. Look, it is smiling at me! My watch has a function that will fluoresce. Night, my bedside clock, I can only watch. I just put my head next to the watch, can see the hour and minute hands flashing on the table, I easily see the time.

My watch is not only beautiful, but also very practical. In the afternoon, I went home to do my homework. “Today, I do not have time to do homework,” I said to myself. However, after a while, I did not do desk. I looked at the watch, Mickey said: “Now, a few moments? Your mother should be back!” “I”, “I do not know the time, Listening “, quickly sat down at the desk, carefully started the homework. Soon all my assignments were finished. I touched the replica Omega watch and said: “Thank you, Mickey.” Another time, I and Meng Meng, Yuanyuan in the district to play. Meng Meng and I prepare to run the race, Yuanyuan to time. However, what is the timing? Suddenly, Mickey “touched” me: “Little master, not me?” I did not think how! I immediately picked up the watch down, to the Yuanyuan. After the run, our results immediately came out, respectively, ten seconds, nine seconds. Hey, of course I belong to the winner it! Let me always race against time!

I love my replica Omega watch, it makes me know the most precious time! At the same time I also remember a police station: an inch of an inch of gold, inch gold to buy an inch of time.

Replica Chopard Mille Miglia Watch (ETA Cal. 2892-A2) in UK

Replica Chopard Mille Miglia Watch (ETA Cal. 2892-A2)
Though not as old as the majority of watches on the blog, this Chopard Mille Miglia makes an interesting post. Though the watch was running on arrival, it was losing 15 minutes per week, and the date function wasn’t advancing either by moving the hands past midnight, or quicksetting using the crown.

This is the third Mille Miglia model that honours the veteran Belgian racing driver Jacky Ickx who competed in 144 Formula 1 races between 1967 and 1979, and had a successful endurance racing career, winning the Le Mans 24 Hour race 6 times. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the co-president of Chopard, and Jacky Ickx are good friends and compete in motor racing events together. This friendship was undoubtedly the catalyst for the Ickx series of watches. (The fourth edition is now available, you can see that watch here.)

The movement inside this watch is a decorated and adjusted, 49 jewel, ETA cal. 2892-A2 which has a Dubois Dépraz designed chronograph mechanism. This calibre is a “modular” rather than an “integrated” chronograph, which means that the chronograph and timekeeping parts of the calibre are two independently designed modules coupled together.

With the modules uncoupled you can see how they integrate, the first picture shows shows the top of the timekeeping module (where the dial would sit on a regular ETA cal. 2892). The power from the going train is fed directly into the chronograph module by the hour wheel and the blank date ring advances the date, either normally at midnight or via the quickset.
The second picture shows the underside of the chronograph module, the arrows showing the parts driven by the timekeeping module.
The disadvantage of modular chronograph calibres is that they are generally thicker than their integrated cousins, which of course means that a thicker case is needed to go around them (although this is less of an issue in these ‘big watch’ times). The ETA 2892-A2 also has another quirk in that the crown and pushers are out of alignment when viewing the case from the side.
A routine service solved the timekeeping issue, but finding the date problem required quite a bit of thought. With the dial and hands removed you can see that the date mechanism is mounted on the front of the chronograph module. (Note that even under the dial the top plate has been decorated; another sign of quality.)
This watch has what is referred to as a ‘big date’ wherein the date is made up of two separate discs which rotate independently. The discs have a star shaped gear mounted on their underside, so their position in relation to the mechanism underneath is essential for correct operation.

I can only assume that the watchmaker who last serviced the watch didn’t fully understand how it worked as the discs had been positioned incorrectly. Consequently, the date had fallen into a dead zone and would longer advance. No parts were damaged, so after setting up the mechanism correctly it was working properly again.

With the problems solved, the watch was reassembled which completed the job in uk.
Chopard are celebrating their 150 year anniversary this year and you can see their current range here. (Don’t miss their L.U.C. series of in-house designed and hand finished watches).

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Series 26568IM.OO.A004CA.01 watch

Basic Information
No. 26568IM.OO.A004CA.01
Brand: Audemars Piguet
Series: Royal Oak Offshore
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price to provide accurate prices,
Price: ¥ 3410002016-06
Euro: No
US dollars: No
Hong Kong Dollar: HK $ 3580002014-10
Note: The above is the official media price (only reference), please contact the local store, details >>
Movement Model: AP 3126/3840
Diameter of movement: 29.92 mm
Movement thickness: 7 mm
Vibration frequency: 21600 per hour oscillation frequency
Springs: Flat
Number of stones: 59
Number of parts: 365
Power reserve: 55 hours
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Watch Case Thickness: No
Watch Case Material: titanium
Watch disk surface color: dark gray
Watch disk shape: round
Watch disk material: No
Watch mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Crown Material: Titanium
Watch band color: dark gray
Watch with material: rubber
Watch Clasp Type: No
Watch buckle Material: titanium metal
Back through: back through
Weight: No
Waterproof: 100 meters
Date Displays the time