My favorite Omega – Replica Omega De Ville Hour Vision Watch

Brand Omega
Range De Ville Hour Vision
Model De Ville Hour Vision
Gender Mens
Movement Automatic Co-Axial
Case_size 41 MM
Case_material Rose gold Steel
Bracelet_material Brown
Dial_type Brown Baton
Water_resistance Water Resistant

My favorite item is my Omega watch, which is why? Please read on!

I have a Disney Omega watch, it is blue. In a round glass, the left side of a Mickey Mouse with his hands propped waist, the other side says “Mickey” a few letters, which means Mickey. Look, it is smiling at me! My watch has a function that will fluoresce. Night, my bedside clock, I can only watch. I just put my head next to the watch, can see the hour and minute hands flashing on the table, I easily see the time.

My watch is not only beautiful, but also very practical. In the afternoon, I went home to do my homework. “Today, I do not have time to do homework,” I said to myself. However, after a while, I did not do desk. I looked at the watch, Mickey said: “Now, a few moments? Your mother should be back!” “I”, “I do not know the time, Listening “, quickly sat down at the desk, carefully started the homework. Soon all my assignments were finished. I touched the replica Omega watch and said: “Thank you, Mickey.” Another time, I and Meng Meng, Yuanyuan in the district to play. Meng Meng and I prepare to run the race, Yuanyuan to time. However, what is the timing? Suddenly, Mickey “touched” me: “Little master, not me?” I did not think how! I immediately picked up the watch down, to the Yuanyuan. After the run, our results immediately came out, respectively, ten seconds, nine seconds. Hey, of course I belong to the winner it! Let me always race against time!

I love my replica Omega watch, it makes me know the most precious time! At the same time I also remember a police station: an inch of an inch of gold, inch gold to buy an inch of time.

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